National Currency – Gold Bank Note – Twenty Dollars

There are only about 75 twenty dollar national gold bank notes known to exist today. None of those seventy five is in a grade higher than extremely fine. In fact most are heavily circulated. Even finding something in very fine condition is a big score. These national bank notes were printed by several banks in California during the 1870s. They look similar to other first charter $20 bills, but there are some differences. First of all, the back is very different on gold bank notes. It has a vignette with gold coins. This makes national gold bank notes also appeal to some coin collectors because of the cross over factor. The paper on national gold bank notes is also very dark. It is really much more of a brown/gold color than it is white. These were issued with rounded or spiked red seals. The artwork on the front of the bill is similar to other national currency from the period.

We realize that $20 NGBNs are rare. Because of that we almost always pay more than $10,000 for fully intact examples. If you have one available for sale, please let us know. You will likely be very pleased with our offer. – (864) 430-4020