Federal Reserve Bank Note – 1915 & 1918 – Twenty Dollars

Twenty dollar federal reserve bank notes were printed for 1915 and 1918. They feature a portrait of Grover Cleveland. Unlike some earlier notes, the 1915 and 1918 examples have his portrait featured on the left hand side of the bill. These $20 bills can be issued from several different banks. The condition, bank of issue, and serial number are the factors that determine the value. Serial numbers under 100 are a good thing. If by chance the serial number has a star in it then that will also add a premium. Generally speaking, federal reserve bank notes were only issued for 1915 and 1918. They were reintroduced in 1929, but by that time the paper money was smaller and looked significantly different. The $20 examples printed as large size notes all have blue seals and serial numbers.

If you have a $20 bill from 1915 or 1918, then we would encourage you to send us a picture of it. We are interested buyers and we can tell you what it is worth.

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