Old Money from The First National Bank Of Bozeman | 2027

The First National Bank Of Bozeman

The First National Bank Of Bozeman in Montana printed $91,600 dollars worth of national currency. A production number that low doesn’t save room for many survivors. Currency from this bank will be rare. This national bank opened in 1872 and stopped printing money in 1878, which equals a 7 year printing period. That is obviously a very short period of time. During its life, The First National Bank Of Bozeman issued 2 different types and denominations of national currency. We have examples of the types listed below. Your bank note should look similar. Just the bank name will be different. For the record, The First National Bank Of Bozeman was located in Gallatin County. It was assigned charter number 2027.

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The First National Bank Of Bozeman in Montana issued 3,250 sheets of $5 original series territorial national bank notes. Many territorial banks had outputs in the 2,000 to 4,000 range. You can do some quick math and take the sheet output, multiply it by four, and get the total number of original series $5 territorial bank notes issued by this bank. Only 30 banks in the country even printed these notes. Today there are only about ten surviving examples known to exist. Most of them are low grade and they are rarely available on the collector market. We are talking about bank notes printed before 1875, so the number of new discoveries being found 140 years later is minimal. Prices range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars based on any number of valuation factors.
Original Series $5 Territorial National Bank Note

The First National Bank Of Bozeman printed 1,330 sheets of $5 series of 1875 territorial national bank notes. A total sheet output in the lows 1,000s is a great sign that you own a very rare bank note. Most first charter five dollar territorials that we encounter today are from the series of 1875. Despite saying series of 1875, these were actually printed as late as 1901 by a handful of banks. So while these might appear ancient, some are much newer than the series date would suggest. With that said, these are still rare items treasured by collectors. Exactly 42 national banks printed series of 1875 five dollar territorials. That list of banks pretty much included all of the territories from Arizona to Wyoming. Please give us a chance to help you establish the value of your note. You will likely be pleasantly surprised with how these bank notes are valued in today’s market.
Series of 1875 $5 Territorial National Bank Note

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