Federal Reserve Notes – Value, Appraisals, & Sales

Federal Reserve note is the politically correct term for the type of money currently being issued by The United States.  Federal Reserve notes were first issued in 1914.  Since that time they have been the most frequently printed type of money used by The U.S. government.  There are four types of money that can be most valuable.

1914 Red Seals1914 Blue Seals$500 Bills$1000 Bills

As you can see above, the potential for profit is greatest in the early large seal issues from 1914.  Five hundred and one thousand dollar bills are not especially rare, but they are always popular.  In addition to the types of money discussed above, we should not forget about star notes from 1928 and 1934.  Any denomination from 1928 or 1934 has a chance to be rare and collectible if the serial number ends with a star symbol.  Serial number under 100 will always command a premium.

If you have a federal reserve note and you would like to know its value, then please reach out to us.  We are available by email to answer any questions.  Sales@AntiqueMoney.com