Blog | Antique Money - Part 2

Some Contemporary Counterfeits To Be Aware Of

In the past week we have seen an alarming number of counterfeits made in the 1860s.  It is important to understand the difference between a reproduction and a counterfeit.  We have a guide to reproductions.  Reproductions are cheesy copies that won’t come close to deceiving any dealer or collector.  They are usually printed on brown […]

Auction Currency Or Sell Directly To A Dealer?

The Advantages of Selling to a Dealer Before making a pitch, let’s make two things clear: 1) A dealer can’t make any money if you don’t sell to him 2) An auction house can’t make any money if you don’t consign with them The ultimate concern about selling directly to a dealer is that you will […]

Use Our Counterfeit Guide!

Buying or Selling Old Money? Use This Guide! It is an unfortunate reality, but greed has led many people and companies to resort to shady business practices. In the world of rare currency, the number one thing to watch out for is counterfeit money. Over the years, the methods of producing fake currency have been […]

Taking Your Treasury Notes off Your Hands

Antique treasury notes are great finds, but unfortunately, while they are legal tender, they really are only worth face value, plus a small interest. This means that if you have a stockpile of notes hidden under your mattress for the right moment where you finally decide to get rid of them, they may not be […]