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Rare Banknotes at Auction Saturday July 11th

National banknotes, large size type, small size stars, and $500 and $1000 bills will once again lead the way for Manifest Auction’s July 11th 2015 Currency Auction. View Currency at Lots 49 – 391 The newly discovered unique lazy deuce from Georgia will likely be the most valuable lot in the sale.  It is estimated […]

What’s New In Collectibles

There have been a couple stories in the news the past few weeks that I wanted to touch on.  The first two stories are not about currency, but they definitely translate. Beanie Baby Bankruptcy  This was a sad story, but we can definitely learn a lesson here.  To summarize the article, a family in California […]

Altered Colors on United States Currency

Beware Of Strangely Colored Seals & Serial Numbers – There are lots of legitimate errors that can happen during the printing process as it relates to color.  Ink can run low and that results in a very light print.  Ink can also be applied too thickly.  That is referred to as over-inking.  Then there are […]

What is a Wood Chopper Note?

One of the most beautiful and sought after of the large sized notes produced by the United States is the $5 “Woodchopper” note. This is a 1907 series note, and depending on the condition as well as other variables, the “Woodchopper” can be worth several hundred dollars. This note was issued from the period of […]

When the $20 Bill was a Hefty Sum…

Let’s wander back in time to the “good old days.” Sometimes, elderly people think that old money had a purchasing power that was greater than today and that is not necessarily true. One hundred years ago $20.00 was worth about $470.60 in today’s money. That’s an increase of 2253%. Fifty years ago, that same $20.00 […]

Avoid Currency Scams on eBay and Craigslist

Attn:  Collectors and Dealers – Avoid New Scams Anyone involved in numismatics is especially aware of the scams that are out there these days.  Fortunately, most scams are related to coins.  Fake collector coins and precious metals scams are worse today than ever before.  Paper money is usually viewed as a safer area.  It is […]

Debunking the Myth of the $2 Bill

At one point or another, someone – often a favorite aunt or a grandparent – gave you a $2 bill for the holidays or your birthday. They probably told you to hang on to it because it’s rare and soon to be a collector’s item. Being eight, maybe 10 years old at the time, you […]

Understanding Legal Tenders, AKA United States Notes

If you are an old money collector, you have likely encountered a wealth of different legal tenders. It is interesting to see how currency has developed and changed in this country over the course of its history, particularly due to the fact that in the early days of the United States, anti-federalists were adamant in […]

1914 Blue Seals

Following the issuance of the 1914 red seal Federal Reserve notes, the United States government printed 1914 blue seal notes. The blue seals are the same as the red seal bills except for the seal color. Blue seals are far more easily available than the earlier red seals, and are therefore less valuable for old […]

The History of the $1,000 Bill

There has been a lot of press lately, even outside of currency dealer circles, about a man who brought a $1,000 bill from 1918 into the Gold & Silver Pawnshop featured on the hit History Channel TV series Pawn Stars. The customer said he had been given the bill by his grandmother. “Very few people […]