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We Buy Old Bank Notes From Turks And Caicos

The Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands Currency Values

It is surprising that Turks and Caicos ever issued their own bank notes. Even today the population of this tiny Caribbean island is only about 20,000 people. As you can imagine, not many bank notes were needed to meet the demand for circulating currency on the island. Our guide has information about five shillings, ten shillings, and one pound bank notes printed between 1903 and 1928. All of these are very rare bank notes. Click on an image to learn more about your specific bank note. And please remember that we are very interested buyers of all paper money from Turks and Caicos.

Bank Notes from Turks and Caicos

Most currency you find on the market today related to Turks and Caicos are specimen notes. Specimen notes usually don't have dates or signatures. Specimens are usually punch cancelled or devalued in some way. Issued bank notes with serial numbers, signatures, and a date are extremely rare. Simply put, not many Turks and Caicos bank notes were ever printed. Not many survive today. Please consider us interested buyers if you are lucky enough to own one of the bank notes pictured below.


We buy all currency from Turks and Caicos. We frequently pay thousands of dollars for many bank notes from Turks and Caicos. Please send us pictures of your paper money and we will respond back quickly with a free appraisal and our best offer. The value might surprise you.