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We Buy Old Bank Notes From Trinidad and Tobago

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago Currency Values

Trinidad and Tobago is a now independent Caribbean island nation. However, the bank notes we are looking at were issued while it was a British colony. Our guide specifically focuses on paper money printed between 1905 and 1949. These were issued as dollars. Denominations of one, two, five, ten, and twenty dollars were issued. Generally speaking, older notes and higher denomination notes tend to sell for more money than newer and lower denomination bank notes. Condition is also very important. A note in heavily circulated condition might only sell for $100. However, the same bank note in perfect condition might be worth in excess of $1,000. Most surviving currency from Trinidad and Tobago is well used. Choice examples are few and far between. Our guide below is sorted by denomination. Please contact us if we can answer any questions. We provide free appraisals and we are also interested buyers.

One Dollar Bank Notes from Trinidad and Tobago

One dollar bills issued by Trinidad and Tobago before 1930 are fairly rare, especially in high grades. The one dollar bill was redesigned in 1935. Notes with the 1935 date have a chance to be valuable. Any $1 bill dated as 1939 to 1949 is extremely common. Despite being relatively common, they are still beautiful and popular bank notes.

Two Dollar Bank Notes from Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago issued two dollar bills with eight different printing dates. However, only three different design styles were used. Price guides would suggest that two dollar bills from 1905 are the rarest for the series. However, anecdotal evidence shows that $2 bills from 1929 are also quite difficult to find. two dollar bank notes become relatively common starting in 1934.

Five Dollar Bank Notes from Trinidad and Tobago

The five dollar denomination was not used in Trinidad and Tobago until 1935. The last year of issue (under British rule) was 1942. All of these notes have the classic design with a sailing ship in the harbor. The right side of each note shows a palm tree. Needless to say, the skyline of Port of Prince looks very different today. Values are just based on condition.

Ten Dollar Bank Notes from Trinidad and Tobago

Ten dollar bills were issued (with the classic design) by Trinidad and Tobago in both 1939 and 1942. Price guides really undervalue these bank notes. They are tough to find in any condition from 1939. High grade notes in XF condition or better from 1939 or 1942 are just plain rare. Be ready to pay in excess of $1,000 for a choice example.

Twenty Dollar Bank Notes from Trinidad and Tobago

This is definitely the rarest denomination issued by Trinidad and Tobago (before 1950). Twenty dollar bills can be dated as 1st May 1942 or 1st January 1943. Most of these have prices that start at about $400. That price can go up steeply as the condition gets better. Needless to say, these bank notes are towards the top of our want list.


We buy all currency from Trinidad and Tobago printed before 1950. We frequently pay thousands of dollars for rare or high grade Trinidad currency. Please send us pictures of your paper money and we will respond back quickly with a free appraisal and our best offer. The value might surprise you in a good way.