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Value of 1936 Ten Shillings Bahamas Government Bank Note

The Currency Note Act 1936 Bahamas Government Ten Shillings

Description:   1936 ten shillings notes are fairly common. Notes in perfect condition can be worth close to $750. Circulated examples are of course worth far less. Many notes can be bought for less than $50.

Varieties:   These notes come in four different varieties. The types are determined based on the title and name of the signors. Since these are all relatively common the variety doesn’t affect the value very much.

Portrait:  King George VI

Text:   The Currency Note Act 1936 – The Bahamas Government – Ten Shillings – These Notes Are Legal Tender For The Payment Of Any Amount – Commissioner of Currency or Colonial Secretary Commissioner of Currency – Receiver General Commissioner of Currency – Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited London



We buy all Bahamas Government ten shillings bank notes. Values are based purely on condition and occasionally the serial number. If you would like our offer, then please send us pictures of your bank note. We will grade the paper money and respond back quickly with our buy and sell price. You might be surprised at how much money some high grade Bahamas bank notes can be worth.