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Value of 1904 & 1918 Five Shillings Jamaican Bank Note

1904/1918 Five Shillings Jamaican Bank Note Value

Description:   This is a beautiful and popular bank note from Jamaica. Nice examples are regularly available for less than $1,000. High grade examples should be worth more than that though. And by high grade we mean about uncirculated or better. Contact us if you need an exact appraisal.

Varieties:   There is a rumor that a variety exists with just one serial number. However, all observed notes have two serial numbers.

Portrait:  George V

Text:   Government Of Jamaica – Currency Notes Are Legal Tender For The Payment Of Any Amount – Five Shillings – Issued Under The Authority Of Laws 27 Of 1904 And 17 Of 1918 – Island Treasurer – Waterlow & Sons LTD London



We buy all of these 1918 five shilling bank notes from Jamaica. Values are based purely on condition and occasionally the serial number. If you would like our offer, then please send us pictures of your bank note. We will grade the paper money and respond back quickly with our buy and sell price. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much money some high grade Jamaican bank notes can be worth.