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We Buy Old Bank Notes From Grenada

Grenada Currency Values and Bank Note Price Guide

Issued bank notes from Grenada are very rare. Specimens and proofs are also difficult to locate. The small Caribbean island nation has always had a very small population. Only a limited quantity of paper money was printed to meet the needs of the small population. We are specifically looking at bank notes dated as 1st July 1920. Other private bank issues were also printed. Please let us know if you need help valuing any currency from Grenada. We are always interested buyers.

1st July 1920 Government of Grenada Bank Notes

The first thing you will notice about our guide is that we only have one picture of a Grenada note. We are showing a specimen note. Issued bank notes with two signatures are just extremely rare. They certainly do exist, but not many are out there. You can see that two shillings sixpence, five shillings, and ten shillings bank notes were issued. Those aren't very high denominations, so it wasn't cost prohibitive to save the money. Each note has a portrait of King George V and references the location of St. George's. You can click on a note below to learn more about the value of each note.


We buy all currency from Grenada printed in 1920. We also buy other Grenada bank issues. We frequently pay thousands of dollars for rare Grenada currency. Please send us pictures of your paper money and we will respond back quickly with a free appraisal and our best offer. The value might surprise you.