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We Buy Old Bank Notes From British Honduras

British Honduras Currency Values and Bank Note Price Guide

Present day Belize was once known as British Honduras. As you can probably tell by the name, it was a British colony. Paper money was printed between 1894 and 1973 (the year it changed its name to Belize). Our guide focuses on banknotes printed between 1894 and 1952. The first thing you will probably notice about our guide is that we don’t have a lot of pictures for early bank notes. Even if we don’t have a picture in our guide you can still click on the image for more information. A general rule when dealing with bank notes from British Honduras is that any currency issued before 1930 is especially rare and usually only found in heavily circulated condition. Paper money issued after 1930 has a portrait of George VI. George VI notes tend to be much more available. However, they are still rare in high grades. We consider British Honduras currency to be a specialty of ours. We are looking to buy anything printed before 1953. Please contact us if you have something for sale. We of course also provide free appraisals.

17th October 1894 British Honduras Bank Notes

These were the first bank notes issued by British Honduras. As you can see, six different denominations were printed. We only know for sure that three one dollar bills exist. All other denominations only exist as specimens.

1st January 1895 British Honduras Bank Notes

We were only able to find a picture of one bank note from 1895; that was a one dollar bill. All of these were issued a long time ago and it is likely that very few survivors are left waiting to be found.

3rd September 1901 British Honduras Bank Notes

This is a one year, one denomination issue from British Honduras. It is likely that the original supply of bank notes from 1895 was enough to meet the demand until 1912, with exception of the $1 bill which was reprinted in 1901.

23rd February 1904 British Guiana Bank Notes

Two dollar bills from 1904 and 1912 have the same design and they are supposed to have the same rarity. Most examples you see today are heavily circulated. Premiums should certainly be paid for any example in very fine condition or better.

1st May 1912 British Honduras Bank Notes

Price guides suggest that these $1 and $2 bills from 1912 should be worth around $750. However, we couldn't find any pictures for our guide. We would suggest that $750 is a low starting price for one of these bank notes. We would pay more.

1st March 1920 British Honduras Bank Notes

Here is another elusive one year one denomination issue from British Honduras. Once again, we couldn't find an issued example for our guide. Specimens and color trials are more available. However, most collectors want a bank note with signatures and serial numbers.

1st May 1924 British Honduras Bank Notes

British Honduras issued six different bank note denominations in 1924. One, two, and five dollar bills are considered to be occasionally available. The three higher denominations are prohibitively rare and virtually never on the market.

1st October 1928 British Honduras Bank Notes

In the scheme of things, 1928 really wasn't that long ago. However, all 1928 bank notes from Honduras should be considered scarce. The three lower denominations are occasionally for sale; all other notes exist in very small quantities.

2nd October 1939 British Honduras Bank Notes

This is the first year that British Honduras featured George VI on its currency. These notes look significantly different from prior issues. All bank notes from 1939 are considered collectible. High grade examples can be rare though.

15th April 1942 British Honduras Bank Notes

In theory these 1942 bank notes have the same value as 1939 notes. However, our experience suggests that 1942 examples are more available and generally sell for about $20% less money. One, two, five, and ten dollar bills were issued in 1942.

30th January 1947 British Honduras Bank Notes

Two dollar bills are actually the rarest denomination from 1947. These are supposed to be relatively common notes; however, putting together a denomination set in uncirculated condition would likely take a few years and several thousand dollars to complete.

1st November 1949 British Honduras Bank Notes

All 1947 bank notes from British Honduras have a picture of George VI and a coat of arms on them. At first glance they all look similar; however, each denomination has its own unique color. Coloring notes has been a successful counterfeiting deterrent for years.

1st June 1951 British Honduras Bank Notes

British Honduras only issued ten dollar bills in 1951. They did not print $10 bills in 1952. We aren't sure why that was. However, we can tell you that 1951 $10 bills are the most common note of that denomination issued before 1958.

1st February 1952 British Honduras Bank Notes

This is the last year that British Honduras used the George VI design. Queen Elizabeth II would be featured on all later issues. Generally speaking, 1952 notes are relatively common. However, high grade notes can get expensive.


We buy all currency from British Honduras printed before 1953. We frequently pay over one thousand dollars for rare British Honduras bank notes. Please send us pictures of your paper money and we will respond back quickly with a free appraisal and our best offer. The value might surprise you.