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We Buy Old Bank Notes From British Guiana

British Guiana Currency Values and Bank Note Price Guide

British Guiana no longer exists under that name or under its old borders. Our guide is specifically focused on bank notes issued by The Government of British Guiana under British rule between 1916 and 1942. These notes are most notable for their vibrant colors and a vignette showing a toucan. Most currency printed prior to 1937 should be considered at least scarce. Any bank note that is in XF condition or better should also be considered rare, no matter the year or denomination. The rarest notes are $20 and $100 bills. They were issued in small quantities and few survivors exist today. We consider British Guiana bank notes to be a specialty of our. We provide free appraisals and we buy currency from British Guiana. Please contact us for more information. In the meantime, please use our guide to learn more about your specific bank note. Our guide is sorted by issue year.

1st August 1916 British Guiana Bank Notes

This is the first year that British Guiana issued currency. As you can see, only one and two dollar bills were printed. These aren't the rarest notes from British Guiana, but they are rarely encountered in high grades.

2nd January 1918 British Guiana Bank Notes

The one and two dollar denominations were reissued with the same designs as the earlier bank notes printed in 1916. Both years have similar rarities, there really isn't a premium for one year over another. Two dollar bills are slightly rarer than one dollar bills though.

1st January 1920 British Guiana Bank Notes

Again, these notes have the same layout as all earlier one and two dollar bank notes from British Guiana. Notes from 1920 are rarely found in a condition better than fine. High grade notes are always in demand. Contact us for details.

1st October 1924 British Guiana Bank Notes

This is the last year of the traditional red or blue design with the sailing ship vignette. Two dollar bills from 1924 usually sell for about 30% more than one dollar bills of the same date. Most of these bank notes are only found in heavily circulation condition.

1st January 1929 British Guiana Bank Notes

1929 marks the first year of the very popular toucan design. Once again, one and two dollar bills were the only denominations issued by British Guiana. The local economy just didn't need a higher denomination during this time period.

1st January 1936 British Guiana Bank Notes

It is very important to look at the year when dealing with British Guiana toucan bank notes. Notes from 1936 are about 30 times more valuable than the exact same notes from 1937. Don't make the mistake of assuming all toucan notes are valued the same. The year definitely matters.

1st June 1937 British Guiana Bank Notes

1937 marks the first year that one and two dollar bills from British Guiana are readily available. Nice looking circulated $1 bills can easily be bought for less than $100. Even high grades ones are rarely worth more than a few hundred dollars. Two dollar bills sell for about three times more than $1 bills.

1st October 1938 British Guiana Bank Notes

The first thing you should notice here is that our guide finally includes a $5 bill. British Guiana first issued five dollar bills in 1938. They actually aren't as rare as you might expect. Prices for that denomination usually start at about $50 and go up from there based on condition.

1st January 1942 British Guiana Bank Notes

If you are looking to assemble a denomination set from British Guiana, then you might consider focusing on 1942 bank notes. Of course $20 and $100 bills are extremely rare. The four lower denominations are relatively available. This is the only year that $10, $20, and $100 bills were printed.


We buy all currency from British Guiana printed before 1943. We frequently pay thousands of dollars for rare British Guiana bank notes. Please send us pictures of your paper money and we will respond back quickly with a free appraisal and our best offer. The value might surprise you.