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Value of United States Refunding Certificates

April 1st 1879 $10 Refunding Certificate

You are looking at a rare and unusual type of United States bank note. These were only issued for the ten dollar denomination. There are two different varieties. Each note has a similar design to what you are seeing below with the portrait of Benjamin Franklin and signatures of Scofield and Gilfillan. The note we are showing is the more common variety, although it can still be worth thousands of dollars. It has an eight sided red seal. The much rarer type of refunding certificate has a red seal with many spikes.

So What Are They Worth? You are of course much more likely to see the variety we are picturing. Believe it or not, despite being from 1879, these tend to be found in decent condition. Notes in about uncirculated condition or better have a value starting at around $6,000. There are also plenty of circulated and impaired notes out there are as well. They have prices starting around $1,000. Send us pictures of your note and we can tell you the exact value.


Please contact us if you have a refunding certificate or other rare bank notes for sale. We would certainly like a chance to make an offer. Just send some pictures and we can provide a free appraisal and our buy prices.

Email Us: Sales@AntiqueMoney.com

Call or Text: 864-430-4020