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Value of 1912 Ten Pesos Bank Of The Philippines Islands Ten Pesos

Value of 1912 Ten Pesos Bank Of The Philippines Islands

Country: The Philippines

Series Year: 1912

Type: Bank Note

Denomination: Ten Pesos

Cashier: D. Garcia

President: E. Sendres

Quantity Printed: 360,000

Comments: These are old but not necessarily great rarities. Condition is the difference between $50 and $500.

Text: The Bank Of The Philippine Islands Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand – Ten Pesos – Series 1912 – Ten Pesos – Manila P.I., January 1, 1912

Signature Combination Variety2

Cashier: D. Garcia

President: Jno. S. Hood

Quantity Printed: 330,000

Comments: Books suggest that these are common. However, we couldn’t easily find a picture of one. They are certainly out there, but high grade examples are surely scarce.


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