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Value of Zanzibar February 1st 1928 10 Rupees Bank Note

Zanzibar February 1st 1928 10 Rupees Bank Note

Country: Zanzibar

Denomination: Ten Rupees

Comments: The ten rupees note pictured below is a real peach. If only all paper money could look this nice. These notes do show up from time to time, but they are getting scarce. Every bank note from Zanzibar has two vignettes on it. The right side shows eight fruit pickers. The left side of the note shows a sailing ship or boat called a dhow.

Text: The Zanzibar Government – Promises to pay the bearer on Demand the sum of Ten Rupees – Zanzibar, 1st February, 1928 – For The Government of Zanzibar (the backs of these banknotes are blank)


If you can’t tell, we are really excited about (and aggressive buyers of) currency from Zanzibar. We frequently pay more than $10,000 for nice looking banknotes. Send us an email with pictures of your paper money from Zanzibar and we would be happy to make an offer.