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Value of 1895 $20 Republic of Hawaii Silver Certificate

Value of 1895 $20 Republic of Hawaii Silver Certificate

Type: Hawaii Silver Certificate

Denomination: Twenty Dollars

Year: 1895

Comments: The bank note we have pictured below is just a proof of what 1895 $20 Hawaiian silver certificates should look like. Proofs alone are very rare, but no where near as desirable as an actual issued piece of paper money. An issued bank note would not have holes punched in it. It should have pen-signed signatures and a serial number. If you have such a note it should be worth in excess of $10,000. We would be very interested buyers.

Front Text: Silver Certificate Of Deposit – Department Of Finance – Republic Of Hawaii – This Certifies, That There Have Been Deposited At The Hawaiian Treasury – Twenty Dollars – In Silver Coin Payable To The Bearer On Demand – Registrar Of Public Accts Minister Of Finance – Twenty Dollars – Issue Of 1895-Act No. 19 – American Bank Note Company, New York

Back Text: Hawaiian Treasury – Republic Of Hawaii – MDCCCXCIV – UA.MAU.KE.EA.O.KA.AINA.I.KA.PONO. – Certificate Of Deposit – American Bank Note Company, New York


We have paid exceedingly high prices for many bank notes from Hawaii. If you are considered selling your currency, then you will definitely want our offer before making your decision. Send us some pictures via email and we will tell you what we can offer.