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Value of Old Banknotes From The Republic of Hawaii

Old Banknotes from the Hawaiian Islands

Most people associate Hawaii and currency with the emergency silver certificates issued during World War II. Hawaii actually issued its own paper money prior to its territorial status with The United States. Silver certificates, gold certificates, and certificates of deposits were issued for denominations ranging from five to five hundred dollars. All of this paper money from Hawaii should be considered rare. It is often times worth lots of money. Our guide below tells you more information. Please contact us if you would like a free appraisal of your bank note from the Republic of Hawaii.

Republic of Hawaii Silver Certificates

Silver Certificates from The Republic of Hawaii say 1895 on them. Five and ten dollar denominations can occasionally be found. However, all other denominations are extremely scarce. Even the two lower denominations are worth about $5,000 each (or more depending on condition). This is a popular series that is closely followed by lots of different types of currency collectors.

Republic of Hawaii Gold Certificates

You will notice that all of the gold certificates we have pictured below are just proof notes. Issued bank notes would have signatures and a serial number. They are extremely rare. These were printed for five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollar denominations. In theory the higher denominations should be more valuable. However, these are rare enough that any survivors will be equally valuable.

Hawaiian Islands Certificates of Deposit

These bank notes are extremely rare and historical. We are lucky enough to have the serial number one example (for the ten dollar denomination) pictured in our guide below. You will notice that a $500 bank note was issued for this series. In theory, the discovery of an issued $500 bank note would be the absolute most significant find as it relates to currency the Hawaiian Islands.


We have paid exceedingly high prices for many bank notes from Hawaii. If you are considered selling your currency, then you will definitely want our offer before making your decision. Send us some pictures via email and we will tell you what we can offer.