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Value of Old Banknotes From The Palestine Currency Board

Palestine Currency Board Bank Note Guide

Old money from the Palestine Currency Board was printed for seven different series dates. They printed six different denominations ranging from 500 mills to 100 pounds. As you might expect, older Palestinian money is worth more than newer Palestinian money. Higher denomination bank notes are worth more money than lower denominations. The 50 and 100 pound bank notes are especially scarce. Only eleven 100 pound bank notes are confirmed as not having been redeemed. Of that 11, just four are known to exist in collections. All notes from the Palestine Currency Board were printed by Thomas De La Rue & Company Limited London. Despite that fact, each note says Jerusalem on it and has vignettes of famous Jerusalem landmarks like Rachel’s tomb, Dome of the Rock, Crusader’s Tower at Ramleh, and The Tower of David.

Prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in most cases. The difference between those two price points relates to denomination and condition. As the denomination gets higher and the condition improves then the value goes up. Money from Palestine also has a universal following. If you collect Judaica, middle east bank notes, or money denominated in pounds, then you probably have a note from Palestine on your want list. That is why we can offer so much money for many bank notes. We have a great market for money from Palestine. Please contact us if you have something for sale.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 1st September, 1927

All six denominations of Palestinian currency were printed for the 1927 series. This is the first year that the Palestine Currency Board issued paper money. These tend to be quite scarce for the five and ten pound notes. Of course the fifty and one hundred pound bank notes are always extremely scarce.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 30th September, 1929

The supply of Palestine bank notes printed for the 1929 series had to last until 1939. While that does mean that lots of currency was printed, it also means that is circulated heavily. Many examples are found in VF and lower condition. Any denomination that grades XF or higher from this year is a good find.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 20th April, 1939

Palestine bank notes were issued for two different dates in 1939. We are looking at the earlier April issue here. This was limited to the three lower denominations, which are 500 mils, one pound, and five pounds. All things equal, Palestine bank notes from 1939 are the most common. Some can still be worth thousands of dollars though.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 7th September, 1939

As you can see below, just two denominations of bank notes from Palestine were issued for the September 1939 date. The ten pound note from 1939 is the most affordable of all ten pound Palestinian notes. The fifty pound bank note is still prohibitively rare and worth in excess of $30,000.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 10th September, 1942

Only the one hundred pound Palestine bank note was issued in 1942. As we have said many times, this highest denomination bank note is extremely rare. There is a rumor that one does exist for the 1942 series. However, that has yet to be confirmed. Any discovery from this series would be a great find.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 1st January, 1944

Three different denominations of Palestinian paper money was printed for the 1944 series. These were issued in slightly smaller quantities than the previous 1939 series. So you can usually add about a 25% premium if you have one of these bank notes. These are still common in the scheme of things though.

Palestine Currency Board Bank Notes - 15th August, 1945

Here is a bit of an oddity. The Palestine Currency Board only issued one denomination of currency in 1945. They chose the smallest denomination, 500 mils. Of course 1945 really wasn't that long ago in the world of numismatics. So these bank notes are frequently available in very nice condition. Most still cost at least a few hundred dollars.


We have paid exceedingly high prices for many bank notes from Palestine If you are considered selling your currency, then you will definitely want our offer before making your decision. Send us some pictures via email and we will tell you what we can offer.