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Value of Old Banknotes From The Government of Barbados

Barbados Currency Values and Price Guide

Our guide focuses on The Government of Barbados paper money printed between 1915 and 1950. All of the bank notes in our guide have an engraved portrait of King George VI. Barbados is part of The British Commonwealth. King George VI was in power from 1936 to 1952, so it is no surprise that he is featured on all 1938, 1939, 1943, and 1949 bank notes. You would traditionally expect interested collectors of Barbados currency to be from Great Britain. However, since Barbados was and still is a vacation hotspot, any collector who once visited Barbados could easily be interested in the nostalgia of its currency. The quick need to know facts are that $20 and $100 bills are very rare. High grade issued bank notes are rare for all denominations. Click on an image below to learn more about your specific bank note. Please send us pictures of your paper money and we can tell you what it is worth. We also buy and sell currency from The Government of Barbados.

Barbados One Pound Notes from 1915 - 1917:

These notes are ultra-rarities. We don't have any examples pictured in our guide. If you have one, then please share pictures of yours. We would certainly like a chance to purchase one. They are worth thousand of dollars.

Barbados Bank Notes from 3rd January 1938:

The Government of Barbados issued one and two dollar notes in 1938. Each note is dated as 3rd January 1938. This is the oldest currency from Barbados that is reasonably collectable. Low grade $1 bills can be bought for less than $75. Prices for $2 bills start at about $100. High grade notes are few and far between though. Uncirculated notes are rare and worth significant premiums.

Barbados Bank Notes from 1st September or 1st December 1939:

You can find one, two, and five dollar bills from The Government of Barbados marked as 1st September 1939 or 1st December 1939. There is no preference or premium for one date over the other. One dollar bills from 1939 are fairly common. Two dollar bills are definitely more difficult to locate. Five dollar bank notes are available, but tough to find in nice condition.

Barbados Bank Notes from 1st June 1943:

If you are looking to collect Barbados currency by denomination, then you might consider focusing on the 1st June 1943 notes. Barbados issued one, two, five, twenty, and one hundred dollar bills dated as 1943. Of course one dollar bills are the most common. Two and five dollar bills are available. Twenty dollar bills are rare. The $100 denomination is the key to the series.

Barbados Bank Notes from 1st January 1949:

In the scheme of things, 1949 really isn't that long ago. However, $1 and $2 bills dated 1st January 1949 from Barbados are actually just as rare as bank notes from 1938. They were the only two denominations printed in 1949. As per usual, low grade examples are readily available. Paper money always increases in value as the condition improves. The same is true for these bank notes.


We buy all currency from Barbados printed before 1950. We have paid thousands of dollars for rare bank notes. Please send us pictures of your Barbados paper money and we will respond back quickly with a free appraisal and our best offer. The value might surprise you.