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The Mercantile Bank of India, London, & China

The Mercantile Bank of India, London, & China Bank Note Values

We are very excited to have examples of the ten design types used for these bank notes from Hong Kong. Money from The Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China was issued for five, ten, twenty-five, fifty, and one hundred dollar denominations. You can only expect to find issued bank notes for the two lower denominations. Everything else is only available as proofs and specimens. There are two different design types used. The earlier bank notes have a central vignette showing a seated woman. Later issues have the royal seal with a lion and unicorn. There are also some other slight variations with fonts and seals, but for the most part each bank note looks very similar. We have pictures below of the different design types. Keep in mind that these were issued for several different dates, including: 8th January 1873, 1st January 1880, 1st September 1880, 1st May 1882, 16th July 1883, 16th December 1887, 1st September 1888, 1st December 1888, 16th May 1889, 1st September 1889, and 1st January 1890. We are also buying. Please let us know if you have something for sale.


We are very interested in buying any and all bank notes from The Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China. You will likely be very pleased with how much money we can pay. Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your money and we will respond quickly with our offer.