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Mercantile Bank of India Limited $100 Bank Note Value

Mercantile Bank of India Limited $100 Bank Note Value

Country: Hong Kong

Bank: The Mercantile Bank of India Limited

Dates: 24th August 1948, 28th March 1950, 10th March 1953, 4th October 1955, 24th January 1956

Denomination: One Hundred Dollars

Comments: We think these $100 bank notes trade for a lot of money considering they really aren’t that old. This is the kind of stuff that has made its way all over the world thanks to WWII and the Korean War. Please contact us if you need exact value information.

Text: The Mercantile Bank Of India Limited – Promises To Pay The Bearer On Demand At Its Office Here Or The Equivalent In The Currency Of The Island Value Received – One Hundred Dollars – By Order Of The Board Of Directors – Waterlow & Sons,L4 London Wall, London – Hong Kong


We are very interested in buying any and all bank notes from The Mercantile Bank of India Limited in Hong Kong. Our valuation might surprise you (in a good way). Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your money and we will respond quickly with our offer.