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The Mercantile Bank of India Limited Bank Notes

Value of Bank Notes from The Mercantile Bank of India Limited

The original incarnation of the Mercantile Bank of India opened in 1853 in Bombay, India. It received its royal charter on September 15th 1857. Our guide covers bank notes from The Mercantile Bank of India printed between 1912 and 1959. Most non-collectors see these bank notes and immediately assume they were issued by India. Hong Kong is only shown in very small text on each bank note. The Mercantile Bank of India is one of only three banks that was allowed to print money for circulation in Hong Kong after 1911. A general rule is that the older the paper money is, and the higher the denomination is, the more collector value the currency will have. So in theory a $50 bill from 1912 will be worth a lot more than a $5 bill from 1941. That is just an example, not a rule. Please contact us if you need exact price information. Our picture guide below has a lot more information about Mercantile Bank issues. Several of these bank notes look very similar. Make sure you are selecting the correct bank note. If you have something for sale, then please give us the chance to make an offer.


We are very interested in buying any and all bank notes from The Mercantile Bank of India Limited. You will likely be very pleased with how much money we can pay. Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your money and we will respond quickly with our offer.