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The Market Is Starting To Heat Up

Consider Selling While The Market Is High

We have been fortunate enough to handle a lot of great banknote rarities over the past ten years. There was a time when “the market” was really only one or maybe two motivated buyers.  That can still be true when you are talking about a $100,000+ item.  However, we are starting to see a lot of strength in the $2,500 – $10,000 range which has always been a great judge of the general market.

We feel like there are more collectors than ever looking to collect attractive, semi-rare, and original banknotes.  A lot of these collectors are looking to acquire 3-5 special banknotes over the course of a year.  A few areas where we are seeing particular strength are LGS $500s and $1000s in gem grades.  Any 1928 or 1934 star note in choice uncirculated grades or better are definitely in demand.  PPQ/EPQ large size type notes that are less than common but still not great rarities (think 1882 $50 gold, 1886 $5 silver, etc) have a very strong following right now.

One area that is down about 20% is the close but not quite top pop grades like 66 and 67 for chiefs, bisons, and educationals.  The reality is that these were probably overvalued in the past and are now just getting back down to realistic numbers.

The national banknote market is ever changing and should just be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Why are we seeing a small market resurgence?  There are always ebbs and flows regarding prices and demand, but I think the generally cheery outlook right now is almost completely related to the overall strength of the economy.  Simply put, people have money to spend.  A friend of mine runs a landscaping company in Greenville, SC.  He has seen his average job go from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000.  He has the same take.  People who had money and weren’t terribly hurt in 2008/2009 are just now starting to feel comfortable spending money again.  The recipients of that discretionary spending seems to be collectibles, home improvement, and travel.

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If you were considering selling a few years ago and didn’t like the offers you were getting then it might be time to reach out again.  Prices are generally up across the board and we would welcome the chance to see something again or quote a fresh deal.

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