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Value of Hong Kong & Shanghai $100 Bank Note (1927-1937)

Value of Hong Kong & Shanghai $100 Bank Note (1927-1937)

Country: Hong Kong

Bank: The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation

Dates: 1st October 1927, 1st September 1930, 2nd January 1933, 2nd January 1934, 1st January 1936, 1st July 1937

Denomination: One Hundred Dollars

Comments: When dealing with this issue you want to focus on condition. Only uncirculated notes are really worth a lot more than face value. Please contact us for exact value information. We are likely interested buyers.

Text: The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation – Promises To Pay The Bearer On Demand At Its Office Here Or The Equivalent In The Currency Of The Colony Value Received – One Hundred Dollars – By Order Of The Board Of Directors – Hong Kong


We are very interested in buying any and all bank notes from The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation. We frequently deal with sellers both in and outside of the United States. Your location will never keep us from doing a deal. Send us an email with pictures of the front and back of your money and we will respond quickly with our offer.