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Salt Lake City National Bank Counterfeit Bank Notes

These copies/counterfeits/reproductions/replicas first showed up in 2010.  I am sure it is possible that they existed before then, but that is when I first saw them.  I have no idea what their history is.  I have seen $1, $2, $3, $5, and $10 fakes.  These really confuse people because they are not printed on the brown brittle parchment paper like most copies.  They also have colored serial numbers.  The first bank note pictured below is authentic and worth about $3,000.  The next two are the fakes.

The counterfeits have serial numbers that are a different font and the details aren’t very strong.  The curious thing is that the printing quality on the authentic bank notes is also fairly low quality.  I can understand how people can get these mixed up.  What is really strange is the that the counterfeits come with lots of different serial numbers.  So there isn’t just one copy being made over an over.

Anyway, we would love to hear about it if you have an authentic Salt Lake City National Bank of Utah obsolete bank note.  Please consider this your warning about the fakes.  All the text is the same on authentic and fake notes.  You really just have to look at the serial number font and the printing quality.  Send us pictures of what you have if you want our opinion.

Authentic SLC

fake SLC1

Fake SLC2