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Rare Banknotes from The British Caribbean

We are excited to announce that we have released new guides for 11 countries.  We focused on countries in the Caribbean that were once under British rule.  This paper money is referred to as British Colonial currency.  Click on a link below to learn more about bank notes from each country.

Bahamas Banknotes
Barbados Banknotes
Bermuda Banknotes
British Guiana Banknotes
British Honduras Banknotes
Grenada Banknotes
Jamaica Banknotes
Leeward Islands Banknotes
St. Lucia Banknotes
Trinidad and Tobago Banknotes
Turks & Caicos Banknotes

The most exciting thing about bank notes from these countries is that they don’t always have to be exceptionally old to be extremely valuable.  In fact, many of these countries didn’t even issue currency until the 1910s.  There are plenty of bank notes issued as late as the 1950s (especially higher denominations) that are rare.  Many of these notes also have tough varieties that can add lots of value.

Please let us know if we can help you value your currency.  We are certainly interested buyers as well.