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Prices for Two Dollar 1896 Silver Certificates

Value Guide for 1896 Two Dollar Bank Notes

Year:  1896

Denomination:  Two Dollar Bank Note

Type:  Silver Certificate

$2 Bill Front Picture:

Description:   All silver certificates from 1896 are known as educational notes. They are very popular with collectors. The highly detailed vignette showing three women and two children has been a favorite since these were originally introduced for circulation.

Seal Type:  1896 is the last year that red seals were used on $2 silver certificates. All examples have the same spiked seal as you see on the example above.

Varieties:   These 1896 $2 silver certificates can be signed by either Tillman and Morgan or Bruce and Roberts. Each variety is valued exactly the same in circulated condition.

Portraits:  Robert Fulton & Samuel Morse

Value:  We see a lot of 1896 $2 silver certificates. Prices for unimpaired notes start at about $250. Nice looking, but still technically circulated notes are going to be worth closer to $1,000. There is a great demand for notes in this series in the uncirculated 65 and higher grades. Those types of notes should sell for in excess of $4,000. Please contact us for exact pricing information.


We buy all of these 1896 $2 bank notes issued by The United States. The main factors that affect the value are the condition and sometimes the serial number. We have to see pictures in order to provide any value information. You can text pictures to 864-430-4020. You can also attach pictures to an email message. You’ll never know what we would have offered unless you ask. The value might surprise you in a good way.