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How Much Is A 1878 $10 Bill Worth?

1878 Ten Dollar Bill

How Much Is A 1878 $10 Bill Worth?

Some ten dollar bills from 1878 have the chance to be very rare. As with any national currency, the value of an 1878 $10 note is based mostly on which national bank issued it. We have a list below of all the national banks that printed 1878 ten dollar notes. The condition of the bank note is always important. Sometimes the serial number can add a significant premium as well. Some sell for as little as a few hundred dollars. Others can have a value well into the thousands. Please remember that 1878 is only the charter date. The bill could have actually been printed as late as 1898. All ten dollar bills from 1878 will have “Series of 1875” written on them. Once again, that year does not necessarily correlate to when the bill was issued. The reason these bills are so rare is because ten dollars was a lot of money in 1878. That is the same as $1,039.79 today, after you adjust for inflation! You can see why so few 1878 $10 bills still exist. They were incredibly expensive to save.

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Here is a list of banks that printed ten dollar bills in 1878:

  • Charter 2394 – Merchants National Bank of Georgetown, Colorado
  • Charter 2388 – First National Bank of Wiilimantic, Connecticut
  • Charter 2381 – National Bank of Smyrna, Delaware
  • Charter 2386 – National State Bank of Bloomington, Illinois
  • Charter 2390 – Greene County National Bank of Carrollton, Illinois
  • Charter 2402 – First National Bank of Mount Sterling, Illinois
  • Charter 2403 – Farmers National Bank of Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Charter 2393 – National Exchange Bank of Lexington, Kentucky
  • Charter 2396 – Berkshire National Bank of North Adams, Massachusetts
  • Charter 2404 – Peoples National Bank of Marlborough, Massachusetts
  • Charter 2379 – First National Bank of Milford, Michigan
  • Charter 2387 – First National Bank of Cannon Falls, Minnesota
  • Charter 2399 – Vineland National Bank, New Jersey
  • Charter 2376 – Exchange National Bank of Olean, New York
  • Charter 2378 – Nyack National Bank, New York
  • Charter 2378 – Nyack National Bank & Trust Company, New York
  • Charter 2383 – Commercial National Bank of Rochester, New York
  • Charter 2398 – First National Bank of Homer, New York
  • Charter 2400 – National Herkimer County Bank of Little Falls, New York
  • Charter 2401 – National State Bank of Oneida, New York
  • Charter 2405 – Yates County National Bank of Penn Yan, New York
  • Charter 2377 – First National Bank of Fargo, North Dakota
  • Charter 2377 – First National Bank & Trust Company of Fargo, North Dakota
  • Charter 2389 – Hubbard National Bank, Ohio
  • Charter 2384 – Annville National Bank, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 2385 – Northampton County National Bank of Easton, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 2392 – Jefferson County National Bank of Brookville, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 2397 – Dillsburg National Bank, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 2391 – First National Bank of Deadwood, South Dakota
  • Charter 2395 – Bennington County National Bank of Bennington, Vermont
  • Charter 2395 – County National Bank of Bennington, Vermont
  • Charter 2380 – First National Bank of Walla Walla, Washington