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Price Guide for $1,000 1934A Federal Reserve Notes

Value of 1934A $1,000 Bills

Year:  1934A

Denomination:  One Thousand Dollar Bill

Type:  Federal Reserve Note

Portrait:  Grover Cleveland

$1,000 Bill Front Picture:

Value and History:   All series of 1934A $1,000 bills were signed by Julian and Morgenthau. None of these will have an especially low serial number. The numbers were continued from the series of 1934, so low numbers were never used. Most of the value is just based on the condition. Generic and lightly circulated 1934A $1,000 bills sell for around $1,500. Notes with condition issues like stains, tears, missing pieces, holes, ink writing, rust, tape, etc will not be worth much over face value. Notes in perfect condition can be worth more than $2,500. If you have one of these then you should have it checked it out by an expert and graded.


We buy all of these $1,000 bank notes issued by The United States. The exact value of your $1,000 bill is just based on the condition and serial number. The market for all high denominations is hot. If you were ever considering selling then now might be a good time to take a price quote. You can text pictures to 864-430-4020. You can also attach pictures to an email message. Our information is always free.