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Price Guide for $1,000 1934 Federal Reserve Notes

Value of 1934 $1,000 Bills

Year:  1934

Denomination:  One Thousand Dollar Bill

Type:  Federal Reserve Note

Portrait:  Grover Cleveland

$1,000 Bill Front Picture:

Value and History:   The series of 1934 $1000 bills can be broken down into two categories based on their seal color. We are showing a pale green seal. There is another variety that has a lime green seal. Lime green seals are scarcer and they are usually found on notes with a serial number under 10,000. Lime green notes in gem uncirculated condition are rare and in demand. Of course any 1934 $1,000 bill in perfect condition is very collectible. You also want to keep an eye out for serial numbers under 100. They are popular. Any note that has a serial number that ends with a star symbol should be worth at least $2,000 and sometimes a lot more depending on the issuing district and condition.


We buy all of these $1,000 bank notes issued by The United States. The exact value of your $1,000 bill is just based on the condition and serial number. The market for all high denominations is hot. If you were ever considering selling then now might be a good time to take a price quote. You can text pictures to 864-430-4020. You can also attach pictures to an email message. Our information is always free.