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Values of $500 1922 Gold Certificates

Price Guide for 1922 $500 Bills

Year:  1922

Denomination:  Five Hundred Dollar Bill

Type:  Gold Certificate

Portrait:  Abraham Lincoln

$500 Bill Front Picture:

Value and History:   This is the last large size $500 bank note issued by The United States. It is exotic looking, but it is actually considered collectible. Examples in heavily circulated condition are worth around $4,000. Nice looking notes can get into the high thousands. Specimens in AU condition or better are definitely valued at more than $10,000. These are great for the type or denomination collector. There are no varieties to this issue. Each 1922 $500 gold certificate was signed by Speelman and White. You won’t see many low serial numbers and stars were not issued. The value really is all about the eye appeal and technical grade.


We buy all of these $500 bank notes issued by The United States. Five hundred dollar bills are worth more right now than ever before. If you were ever considering selling then now might be a good time to take a price quote. You can text pictures to 864-430-4020. You can also attach pictures to an email message. The value might surprise you in a good way. Our information is always free.