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Values of $500 1918 Federal Reserve Notes

Price Guide for 1918 $500 Bills

Year:  1918

Denomination:  Five Hundred Dollar Bill

Type:  Federal Reserve Note

Portrait:  John Marshall

$500 Bill Front Picture:

Value and History:   This is one of our favorite $500 bank notes. The back design is called DeSoto Discovering The Mississippi. This vignette is very impressive if you can find it on a high grade example. These bank notes were printed for many different federal reserve banks. Most examples you see in the market today are in very fine condition or lower, and generally valued between $5,000 and $10,000. Anything that is XF or higher should be considered scarce and high grade notes like that are definitely worth more than $10,000. Problem free notes are in demand in all grades.


We buy all of these $500 bank notes issued by The United States. Five hundred dollar bills are worth more right now than ever before. If you were ever considering selling then now might be a good time to take a price quote. You can text pictures to 864-430-4020. You can also attach pictures to an email message. The value might surprise you in a good way. Our information is always free.