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More General Information About Old Fifty Dollar Bills:

Any fifty dollar bank note printed before 1900 should be considered scarce. Any of those same bank notes in a grade higher than very fine should be considered especially scarce. There just were not tremendous amounts of $50 bills printed during that time period. Fifty dollars went a long way and represented as much as a month’s pay, even for middleclass Americans. You also have to remember that coinage was still heavily preferred in the United States. A $50 bill was a bit of a hot potato. People didn’t want to have a lot of their wealth tied up in something that could in their minds potentially be devalued and become worthless. Fifty dollars bill traded hands frequently. Today we often find them in heavily circulated or repaired condition.

If you wanted to collect just one example for each type of $50 bill pictured above then you better have at least a million dollars ready to spend for the set. Some of the examples are prohibitively rare and just one of a handful of the type known to exist. We are fortunate enough to have handled many of these rare bank notes and we would welcome the chance to work with you whether you are looking to build a collection or sell a treasure.