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We Buy Money from The Bank of Delaware County

Bank of Delaware County Paper Money Guide

Old currency issued by The Bank of Delaware County is no longer good at its face value. However, it can certainly still be rare and collectible. These are known as obsolete banknotes. Obsolete currency is valued similarly to any other antique banknote. The condition and rarity are the two most important factors that determine what a certain bill is worth. It is impossible to compile a price guide that can show exactly how much a note should sell for sight unseen. However, we are available to answer any inquiries. Just email pictures of your banknote from The Bank of Delaware County and we can go from there.

Our Email Address Is:  Sales@AntiqueMoney.com

Different Types of Currency

The following is some very basic information about the denominations and years that The Bank of Delaware County printed money:

The branch bank location in Chester issued the following types of currency:
1st Series (Denomination & Dates):  5 cents – 1815s
2nd Series:  10 cents – 1815s
3rd Series:  25 cents – 1815s
4th Series:  50 cents – 1815s
5th Series:  $1 – 1810s
6th Series:  $2 – 1810s
7th Series:  $3 – 1810s
8th Series:  $5 – 1810s – 1850s
9th Series:  $10 – 1810s – 1850s
10th Series:  $20 – 1810s – 1850s
11th Series:  $50 – 1830s – 1850s
12th Series:  $100 – 1830s – 1850s
13th Series:  $1 – Feb 15, 1862
14th Series:  $1 – June 7, 1841
15th Series:  $2 – Feb 15, 1862
16th Series:  $2 – June 7, 1841

Looking To Sell?

We are not just dealers. We are also collectors. As experts on paper money, we are qualified to value your banknote. Just send us pictures of what you have and we can tell you what it is worth. Please send us an email or text instead of calling (we can’t help you over the phone).

Our Email Address Is:  Sales@AntiqueMoney.com

Or Text:  864-430-4020