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New Guide: Philippine Islands Banknotes

We just posted what might be our best guide yet.  We don’t normally deal with bank notes from foreign countries.  However, we make an exception for currency from The Philippines because a lot of it was actually printed by The Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington DC.  Don’t forget that for decades there was really no difference between Hawaii, Alaska, The Philippines, Puerto Rico, etc.  They were all just territories of The United States.  So we were responsible for printing their paper money.

Our guide to Philippines Banknotes covers the years 1903 to about 1948.  We have pictures of 105 of the 111 different years and types of bank notes printed by the Philippines during that time period.  We are 100% certain that there isn’t a better guide in print or online anywhere.  Some quick facts to keep in mind are:

-High denominations like 100, 200, and 500 pesos can be quite scarce
-Anything printed prior to 1921 that is in perfect condition should be scarce
-Star notes were issued for many notes.  Pay attention to the serial number

Our guide has all of the details.  Click the link above to learn more.  Contact us directly if you have any questions.  Sales@AntiqueMoney.com