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Old Money from The Lincoln National Bank Of Stanford | 3954

The Lincoln National Bank Of Stanford

The Lincoln National Bank Of Stanford in Kentucky printed $50,980 dollars worth of national currency. A production number that low doesn’t save room for many survivors. Currency from this bank will be rare. This national bank opened in 1888 and stopped printing money in 1890, which equals a 3 year printing period. That means that money from this bank was not entering circulation very often. During its life, The Lincoln National Bank Of Stanford issued 1 single type and denomination of national currency We have examples of the types listed below. Your bank note should look similar. Just the bank name will be different. For the record, The Lincoln National Bank Of Stanford was located in Lincoln County. It was assigned charter number 3954.

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The Lincoln National Bank Of Stanford in Kentucky issued 2,549 sheets of $10 1882 brown back national bank notes. That it is not an exceptionally low number of sheets. However, you have to remember that we are talking about bank notes printed before 1902. Even a large print number could have a very low survival rate. There were three $10 bills printed on a single sheet of 1882 brown backs. The design of the bill is similar to all earlier ten dollar national bank notes. The nickname comes from the fact that these bills have a brown seal and brown overprint. Despite saying series of 1882, these were actually printed by some banks up until 1908. The date you see in cursive relates to when the bank first started issuing brown back notes.
Series of 1882 $10 Brown Back

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