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Misprinted Black Federal Reserve Seal

This is part three of at least five posts we are are going to make regarding fabricated or fake errors.  We have already discussed shrunken money and altered colors.  This next one is a particular favorite of mine.  This is the misplaced or misprinted black federal reserve seal.  This “error” is fake for a couple of different reasons.

The black seal, black district numbers, green serial numbers, and green seal are all printed at the same time.  That is really all you need to know to explain why this error is fake.  It would be impossible for the black seal to be misprinted without the rest of the printing also being misprinted.

So why are there so many of these around?  The moved or misplaced black seal error is used as part of a magic trick.  You can find it on youtube with a quick search.  The basic idea is that an intact dollar bill is presented to the viewer and through a series of maneuvers the dollar bill with the misplaced black seal is presented in its place.  It is supposed to look like the magician magically moved the seal.  The trick is rather lame so a lot of the money winds up back in circulation once the magician realizes he isn’t paying the bills with magic.  So while these are neat to see – they are 100% not authentic errors and they are not worth a premium above the face value.