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Series 692 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 692 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 692 military payment certificates might be described as the most American of any of the MPC notes issued between 1946 and 1973. The designers at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing used distinctly American vignettes like eagles, buffalos, and Native Americans. These were first introduced into circulation on October 7th, 1970 and withdrawn on March 15th, 1973. This is the last official series of military payment certificates ever issued by the United States. Series 692 MPCs were issued for eight different denominations. Like the prior three issues, these were exclusively used in Vietnam, which means that many came home with soldiers as souvenirs. In total, just over 214 millions dollars in face value was issued. The ten and twenty dollar notes are the most valuable, with an average price at about $50. The ten dollar replacement is the key to the series (if we are not factoring in printing run varieties). Replacement notes are easy to spot. Standard issue series 692 military payment certificates have a serial number that begins and ends with the letter E. A replacement has a serial number that just ends with a number.

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