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Series 661 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 661 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 661 military payment certificates are extremely common. Nearly 289 million dollars in face value was issued. All of that happened in the time period between when series 661 notes were introduced on October 21st, 1968 and when they were redeemed on August 11th, 1969. The big innovation for this series was the introduction of the twenty dollar bill. All previous series of MPCs were just five, ten, twenty-five and fifty cent issues, along with one, five, and ten dollar notes. I guess you can blame the need for twenty dollar notes on inflation. In terms of value, all but the ten and twenty dollar notes are almost worthless in circulated condition. They are just too common. Even notes in perfect condition rarely sell for more than $10. The ten and twenty dollar notes at least sell for a few times higher than their face value. When dealing with series 661 military payment certificates you really just need to focus on finding replacement notes. Replacement notes can be identified by looking at their serial numbers. If the number does not end with the letter B, then you have a replacement. Replacements are especially rare on five, ten, and twenty dollar MPCs.

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