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Series 651 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 651 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 651 military payment certificates are a strange issue. Only about 53 million in face value was even issued. They were initially released on April 28th, 1969. They were withdrawn in Japan just twenty days later. The withdrawal date in Libya was June 11th, 1969. However, they were allowed to circulate in Korea until November 19th, 1973. Those are also the only three countries in which series 651 MPCs were issued. The strange thing about these is that the fractional notes are actually rarer than the whole dollar amount notes ($1, $5, and $10). Apparently fractional notes were only issued in Japan and Libya. Today a fractional from the series 651 is worth about $400 in perfect condition, whereas the higher denominations are only worth around $100 (except for the one dollar note which is worth about $20). There is good news though, all replacements for this series of MPC are very rare. If you see a replacement, and it is priced at less than $1,000, then just buy it. You can spot a replacement based on the serial number. If the serial number doesn’t end with the letter A, then you are looking at a replacement. Oddly enough, these military payment certificate block letters started over at A instead of moving forward with K. No one knows why.

We buy most series 651 military payment certificates. Send us an email and tell us what you have. Sales@AntiqueMoney.com Click on a picture to learn more about each denomination from the series 651: