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Series 481 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 481 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 481 military payment certificates entered into circulation on June 20th, 1951. They were redeemed and devalued on May 25th, 1954. A total of around 330 million dollars in face value of 481 MPCs were issued. This series was circulated in 18 different countries. Both Tudor Press and Forbes Lithograph shared the printing responsibilities for this issue. These are really the first MPCs to use classically inspired vignettes. Just like all the earlier military payment certificate issues, 481 notes were printed in seven different denominations. However, there is a really a lot more to these than what initially meets the eye. Each denomination had at least three print runs, and most had four. That means that otherwise common looking notes can actually be quite rare. We won’t try to break down the values here, but you are welcome to contact us if you need more information. Every series 481 note will have a serial number that begins with the letter D. If your serial number ends with a number instead of D, then you have what is known as a replacement note. Many replacement notes are worth hundreds of dollars, and sometimes more.

We buy most series 481 military payment certificates. Send us an email and tell us what you have. Sales@AntiqueMoney.com Click on a picture to learn more about each denomination from the series 481: