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Series 472 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 472 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 472 military payment certificates were printed by Tudor Press in Boston, MA. They also had a new design from previous issues. They almost look like a stub and check layout. Series 472 was the first issue to use different print runs. Print runs produce some rarities that would not otherwise exist. So if you have a series 472 50 cents note with a serial number higher than 40320000 then you have a rare note that most people would not recognize. All serial numbers will start with the letter C; and most will end with C. If the serial number on your note does not end with a letter, then you have a replacement. Most replacements are very scarce for this series. There was only about 150 million in face value of military payment certificates issued for the 472 series. Only a very small percentage of that would be replacement notes. All things equal though, the five dollar bill is the scarcest 472 note without regard to special qualifiers. Series 472 MPC notes were issued for seven different denominations and were circulated in 17 different countries between March 1948 and June 1951. You can literally find these anywhere and everywhere today.

We buy most series 472 military payment certificates. Send us an email and tell us what you have. Sales@AntiqueMoney.com Click on a picture to learn more about each denomination from the series 472: