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Series 471 Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 471 Military Payment Certificate Value

The second type of military payment certificate issued by the United States is known as the series 471. They were only used by our troops for about a year. March 10th, 1947 was their introduction date and they were redeemed on March 22nd, 1948. Just under 181 million in face value was issued for the entire 471 series. These military payment certificates were used by servicemen in 17 different countries, which explains why so many were needed. The design of 471 notes is exactly the same as the earlier 461 series. They were also printed by Tudor Press in Boston. The only difference is that these have a pink color instead of blue. These were also printed for seven different denominations. Each note should have a serial number that begins and ends with the letter B. If the serial number doesn’t end with the letter B, then you have a replacement note. All replacements are rare for series 471 MPCs. Most military payment certificates are always common. However, the series 471 $5 note is actually quite tough to locate. Even a circulated example is worth a few hundred dollars and prices go up quickly as the condition improves.

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