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FAKE ALERT: The State Of Georgia $100 Bill April 6th, 1864

FAKE ALERT: The State Of Georgia $100 Bill April 6th, 1864

Serial Number: 19507

Note: This particular bill says copy. Many will not say copy. Just because yours does not say copy, does not mean that it is authentic. These have been printed since the 1920s. We bought these a few weeks ago at a museum. You can buy them on ebay right now. A pack of 10 bills costs about $1. They are meant to look very old. Anything printed on brown thin paper with a black overprint is 100% fake. DO NOT CALL us if you have one. We are not buyers and we will not make you an offer. They have no value whatsoever. Yours might have a different serial number than what we have shown. If it looks like our bill then it is fake (even if the serial number is different). SORRY

Text: The State Of Georgia – Will Pay To The Bearer At Her Treasury – One Hundred Dollars – On The 25th Day Of December Next In Confederate Treasury Notes Issued After The 1st Of April 1864, If Presented With In Three Months After Maturity, Otherwise Not Redeemable Exception In Payment Of Public Dues – Milledgeville, April 6th 1864