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First Issue Postage Currency Notes

The first design of fractional currency was supposed to be very easy to use for the general public. They were issued for the 5, 10, 25, and 50 cent denomination. They were printed between August 21, 1862 and May 29, 1863. The five cent note has a picture of a five cent stamp. The same goes for the ten cent note which has a picture of a ten cent stamps. There were no 25 or 50 cents stamps in the 1860s, so each of those notes had multiple pictures of lower denominations. You can see why this type of money was originally called postage currency. The varieties you need to be aware of here relate to straight edge or perforated edges and whether the note does or does not have the ABNCo monogram. You don’t have to have an extreme rarity for your fractional currency to be worth a tremendous amount of money, but it always helps. Click a picture below to learn more about your specific note.