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False Cutting Errors

When we talk about fake errors we advise being careful when dealing with errors that could be created with scissors, a printer, or an eraser.  Today we are looking at false cutting errors.  These are very easy to spot if you have just a little bit of knowledge.

Authentic cutting errors will not affect both sides of the bill equally.  Anytime you see a cutting error where parts of two bills are showing on the front, and parts of two bills are showing on the back, that is a fabricated error.  Someone has taken a sheet of currency and cut it such that it appears as an error.  Authentic cutting errors will have one side of the bill perfectly centered and the other side will be misaligned.

So where are people getting uncut sheets of currency from to create these errors?  The Bureau of Engraving and Printing sells uncut sheets of money.  The markup is usually about 100%.  Uncut sheets usually have high serial numbers.  If you are looking at a cutting error and the serial number is over 98,000,000 then it is a fake cutting error.  Star note sheets are also sold.  The serial number won’t be as high, but you can always look at the alignment to tell if the error is fake.

So why would someone fake an error?  It is all about profit.  Right now you can buy an uncut sheet of 32 $2 bills for $102.  You can make 28 fake cutting errors out of the sheet.  Each error can be sold for around $20.  There is lots of money to be made.  You can go on ebay right now and find dozens of false cutting errors, openly advertised as fakes, being sold for around $20.  People just don’t seem to care.  You can buy authentic cutting errors starting at about $50.  We obviously advise staying away from the fakes.