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Agra & United Service Bank Limited Bank Notes

Agra & United Service Bank Limited Bank Note Values

The Agra & Masterman’s Bank LTD opened in 1862. Each piece of currency should be marked with the year 1862. In 1865 the bank changed its name to what we find on bank notes today, Agra & United Service Bank. The bank actually failed a year later in 1866. These are exceptionally rare bank notes. We know that they were printed for the $100, $200, $300, and $500 denominations. Some $100 bank notes are known to exist. Everything else is not thought to have survived. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Each bank note represented an extremely large amount of money back in the 1860s. There was no incentive to not cash these in.


These are very rare bank notes, but they are occasionally available. If you are considered selling your currency, then you will definitely want our offer before making your decision. Send us some pictures via email and we will tell you what we can offer.