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2015 Year In Review

As of this writing, there are still about three weeks left in the year, but the business year is pretty much over.  There are no major auctions left in 2015 and most wholesale business is now being wrapped up.  Here is a quick summary of what happened in 2015.

What’s Down:

-High and super high denominations were extremely hot in early 2015.  Some even set new auction records.  However, those record prices brought out a large supply from hiding and the market demand is now met.  $500s and $1000s in all grades are down anywhere from 10-40%.  This is surprising because these usually swing up and down with the general economy.
-Gem and Superb Gem large size notes are very difficult to sell right now.  As an example, we sold a PCGS 67PPQ 1896 $5 silver certificate for $33,500 in the summer of 2014.  And even at that price we could have sold several more if they were available.  In November of 2015 the exact same notes were selling for $25,000.  That is a pretty steep drop for an item that has typically only gone up in value.  The same can be said for gem 65 bisons and chiefs.  There just doesn’t seem to be a tremendous amount of demand out there right now.
-Lots of nationals were tough to sell this year.  The softest material is anything that is just moderately rare, not very attractive, that also has an auction history.  You might as well not even try to sell nationals that fit that description.  There is no where to go with them right now.

What’s Hot:

-Legitimately rare small size notes did great in 2015.  Top pop 1928 and 1934 notes continue to surprise at auction.  Rare stars from the same years with grade also seem to have a very strong following.
-AU 58PPQ/EPQ large size notes are still hot.  These types of notes are always a great value and are traditionally very easy to sell.  There is also a lot of strength in popular nickname notes in the VF PPQ grades.
-National banknotes that are fresh to market, genuinely rare, and grade as nice VFs or better are still doing quite well.  It is possible for any national to fall flat, but we are still very interested in any national with those characteristics.

We Are Still Buying

If you have something you wanted to get a price quote on, then by all means send us a picture of what you have and we can make an offer.  Sales@AntiqueMoney.com